Horde Wrath of the Lich King Leveling Guide


1. Ride West of New Agamand and take The Anicent Lift to Kamagua [A]. Complete Elder Atuik and Kamagua by talking to Elder Atuik. Accept Grezzix Spindlesnap and Feeding the Survivors.

2. Go to the grassy areas of The Isle of Spears [B]. Complete Feeding the Survivors by looting 6 Meat from Island Shoveltusks found throughout.

3. Ride back to Kamagua [A] and turn in the quest. Accept Arming Kamagua.

4. Go to the snowy areas of The Isle of Spears [C]. Complete Arming Kamagua by looting 3 Chimeara Horns from Frostwing Chimaeras found throughout.

5. Ride back to Kamagua [A] and turn in the quest. Accept Avenge Iskaal.

6. Go SW to the Small Pirate Ship [E] just offshore and complete Grezzix Spindlesnap by talking to him. Accept Street Cred.

7. Talk to Lou the Cabin Boy for a canoe ride to Scalawag Point [F]. Complete Street Cred by talking to 'Silvermoon' Harry. Accept Scoodles, Forgotten Treasure, and Swabbin' Soap.

8. Swim SE to the shipwrecks and complete Forgotten Treasure by picking up the Amani Vase [G] at (37,85) and the Eagle Figurine [H] at (37,84). Use your Fish Bladder to breathe underwater. Complete Scoodles by looting the Sin'dorei Scrying Crystal off Scoodles, an orca who patrols this area.

9. Return to Scalawag Point [F] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept The Staff of Storm's Fury, The Frozen Heart of Isuldof, The Lost Shield of the Aesirites, The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir, The Fragrance of Money, and Gambling Debt.

10. Go NW to Big Roy [I] who patrols the water just offshore. Complete Swabbin' Soap by killing him and looting Big Roy's Blubber.

11. Head into Jonah's Cave [J] nearby. Complete The Frozen Heart of Isuldof by picking up the heart at (33,78) in the west part of the cave past Hozzer. Afterwards, complete The Fragrance of Money by killing nearby Rabid Brown Bears to collect 4 Bear Musk.

12. Go back to Scalawag Point [F] and turn in 2 quests. Accept A Traitor Among Us. Complete A Traitor Among Us by talking to Zeh'gehn. Accept Zeh'gehn Sez. Complete Zeh'gehn Sez by talking to Handsome Terry. Accept A Carver and a Croaker. Complete A Carver and a Croaker by capturing a nearby Scalawag Frog and buying a Shiny Knife from Silvermoon Harry. Complete Gambling Debt by fighting Silvermoon Harry. Turn it in and accept Jack Likes His Drink. Turn in the other quest and accept Crowleg Dan. Complete Crowleg Dan who is in the southern docked ship by killing him. Turn it in and accept Meet Number Two. Complete Meet Number Two by talking to Annie Bonn upstairs in the large building. Accept the group quest The Jig is Up (skipped). Complete Jack Likes His Drink by pickpocketing Jack Adams downstairs while he is passed out. Turn it in and accept Dead Man's Debt.

13. Go NE to the Small Island (K) and wait for the ship to arrive. Board the ship and complete The Lost Shield of the Aesirites by talking to Captain Ellis. Accept Mutiny on the Mercy. Complete Mutiny on the Mercy by going below deck and looting 5 Barrels of Blasting Powder off of Mutinous Sea Dogs. Turn it in and accept Sorlof's Booty. Complete Sorlof's Booty by killing Sorlof with The Big Gun and collecting Sorlof's Booty. Go back onboard the ship and turn it in. Accept The Shield of the Aesirites.

14. Swim or stay aboard the ship and jump off near Iskaal [D]. Complete The Staff of Storm's Fury by picking up the staff at the bottom of the ship. While doing this quest, complete Avenge Iskaal by killing 8 Crazed Northsea Slavers. Use your Horn of Kamagua to summon a Tuskarr to help you.

15. Go NW up the plataeu to the Dirt Mound [L] at (32,60). Complete Dead Man's Debt by looting the treasure off Black Conrad's Ghost.

16. Ride to Kamagua [A] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept Travel to Moa'ki Harbor and The Way to His Heart...

17. Note: I suggest skipping this time-consuming quest. Go to the Schools of Tasty Reef Fish [M] and use your Anuniaw's Nest near them until you get at least 7 Tasty Reef Fish. Swim SW and complete The Way to His Heart by leading a Reef Bull to Reef Cow with the Tasty Reef Fish.

18. Ride back to Kamagua [A] to turn in the quest.

19. Go SW to the Small Pirate Ship [E] and get another canoe ride.

20. Go to Scalawag Point [F] and turn in 1 quest.

21. Talk to Alanya at the dock to take Harry's Bomber to Dreaded Isle [N]. Complete The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir by picking up the Armor located at the bottom of the nearby ship.

22. Hearth to New Agamand and turn in 4 quests to Orfus of Kamagua [O]. Accept A Return to Resting.

23. Complete Return to Resting by using your Bundle of Vrykul Artifacts at the burial mounds [P] (57,77), [Q] (59,76), [R] (59,79), and [S] (61,80).

24. Turn in the quest at Orfus of Kamagua [O] and accept Return to Atuik.

25. Ride to New Agamand and take the flight point to Kamagua [A]. Turn in 2 quests.

You should currently have 2 quests: Help for Camp Winterhoof and Travel to Moa'ki Harbor.

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