New Agamand

Horde Wrath of the Lich King Leveling Guide

New Agamand

1. Ride SW of Ghostblade Post to Orfus of Kamagua [A] and accept The Dead Rise!

2. Go NW to New Agamand [B] and complete New Agamand by talking to Chief Plaguebringer Harris. Set your hearth to the Inn here. Accept A Tailor-Made Formula, Green Eggs and Whelps, and Shield Hill.

3. Ride SE and complete The Dead Rise! by picking up Fengir's Clue [C] at (57,77), Rodin's Clue [D] at (59,76), Isuldof's Clue [E] at (59,79), and Windan's Clue [F] at (61,80). While doing this quest, complete Shield Hill by looting 5 Ancient Vrykul Bones off of Risen Vrykul Ancestors.

4. Go to Orfus of Kamagua [A] and turn in 1 quest. Accept Elder Atuik and Kamagua.

5. Ride NW to Thorvald's Camp [G] and complete A Tailor-Made Formula by looting Dragonflayer Patriarch's Blood off of Thorvald.

6. Go North to Ember Clutch [H] and accept Root Causes from Ember Clutch Ancient who wanders around the area. Complete Green Eggs and Whelps by using Tillinghast's Plague Canister on Proto-Drake Eggs to loot 10 Specimens. While doing this quest, complete Root Causes by killing and 5 Dragonflayer Handlers and Skeld Drakeson who is in the building at (41,52). Turn it in to Ember Clutch Ancient.

7. Hearth back to New Agamand [B] and turn in 3 quests. Accept Dragonis Gastritis and Apply Heat and Stir. Complete Apply Heat and Stir by using your Empty Apothecary's Flask near the Cauldron of Vrykul Blood and then near Harris's Plague Samples. Turn it in and accept Field Test.

8. Go North to Halgrind [I]. Complete Field Test by using your Plague Spray on 10 Plagued Dragonflayers.

9. Go West to Ember Clutch [H]. Complete Draconis Gastritis by using your Tallinghast's Plagued Meat.

10. Ride back to New Agamand [B] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept Time for Cleanup. Complete Time for Cleanup by talking to "Hacksaw" Jenny. Accept Parts for the Job.

11. Go SW to Anton [J] who wanders along the road. Complete Parts for the Job by buying 1 Fresh Pound of Flesh from Anton and looting 6 Ligaments from any type of Shoveltusks.

12. Go back to New Agamand [B] and turn in the quest. Accept Warning: Some Assembly Required.

13. Go North back to Halgrind [I]. Complete Warning: Some Assembly Required by using your Abomination Assembly Kit to control a Mindless Abomination and killing 20 Plagued Dragonflayers with it.

14. Go back to New Agamand [B] and turn in the quest.

You should currently have 2 quests: Help for Camp Winterhoof and Elder Atuik and Kamagua.

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