Vengeance Landing

Horde Wrath of the Lich King Leveling Guide

Vengeance Landing Map

1. You can reach Vengeance Landing [A] by taking a zeppelin at the new tower outside of Undercity. Accept The New Plague, Let Them Eat Crow, and War is Hell.

2. Go SW to Bleeding Vale [B]. Complete Let Them Eat Crow by killing Fjord Crows until you get 8 Crow Meat to feed your Hungry Plaguehound. Complete War is Hell by burning 10 Fallen Combatants with your Burning Torch.

3. Go back to Vengeance Landing [A] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept Reports from the Field and Sniff Out the Enemy.

4. Go SE the Wrecked Ship [C]. Complete The New Plague by picking up 10 Intact Plague Containers.

5. Go West and complete Reports from the Field by talking to Deathstalker Razael [D] and Dark Ranger Lyana [E].

6. Go back to Vengeance Landing [A] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept The Windrunner Fleet and Spiking the Mix.

7. Complete Sniff Out the Enemy by using your Plaguehound Leash near the cages and following the hound north to the Dragonskin Scroll [D]. Accept The Dragonskin Map. Afterwards, complete Spiking the Mix by killing nearby Giant Tidecrawlers to collect 3 Giant Toxin Glands.

8. Go back to Vengeance Landing [A] and turn in the 2 quests. Accept The Offensive Begins and Test at Sea. Complete Test at Sea by talking to Bat Handler Camille and using your Plague Vials to infect North Fleet Reservists. Turn it in and accept New Agamand.

9. Talk to Bat Handler Camille again and fly to The Windrunner [G]. Complete The Windrunner Fleet by talking to Captain Harker. Accept Ambushed!. Complete Ambushed! by killing 15 North Fleet Marines nearby. Turn it in and accept Guide Out Sights.

10. Go West and complete Guide Our Sights by marking the Eastern Cannon [H] at (80,38) and the Western Cannon [I] at (79,40).

11. Go North to Dark Ranger Lyana [E] to turn in the quest and accept Landing the Killing Blow.

12. Go South and complete Landing the Killing Blow by killing Captain Olster [J] at (81,43), Sergeant Lorric [L] at (82,40), and Lieutenant Celeyne [K] at (83,43).

13. Talk to Apothecary Hanes near Lieutenant Celeyne [K] and accept Trail of Fire.

14. Complete Trail of Fire by escorting Apothecary Hanes to Dark Ranger Lyana [E]. Turn in a quest to Lyana and accept Report to Anselm.

15. Go North to Vengeance Landing [A] and turn in 2 quests. Accept the Utgarde Keep group instance quest A Score to Settle (skipped).

You should currently have 2 Howling Fjord quests: The Offensive Begins and New Agamand.

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