Death Knight Leveling Guide


Welcome to Reave's Death Knight Leveling Guide for WoW. This guide shows the step-by-step process to get from level 55 to 58 with a Death Knight in the new Eastern Plaguelands zone. It is written using the beta test and some details may change when Wrath of the Lich King launches.


How do I use this guide?

Use the links on the right menu under "This Section" to navigate through this guide. The red letters, such as [A], correspond to the letters on the map and indicate the location of NPCs or quest objectives. Coordinates are in parentheses, (54,23) for example, if the objective is hard to find.


Death Knight Info, Tips, and Tricks

  • You need a level 55 or higher WoW character to be able to create a new Death Knight.
  • Death Knights start at level 55 in an instance zone called Acherus and can leave after completing the final quest.
  • Death Knights can be of any race and you can only have one per realm.
  • Talent points are acquired through quests in the starting area.
  • The Blood talent tree seems to make the best Death Knight leveling spec. Here's the beta test Talent Calculator.
  • Similar to warrior stances, Death Knights have Presences for each of the 3 talent trees.
  • Blood Presence increases damage and returns and percentage as health. Frost Presence lessens damage taken and increases threat. Unholy Presense increases attack speed and lowers ability cooldowns.
  • Abilities require blood, frost, and unholy Runes. Runes have a cooldown before they can be used again.
  • Instead of mana or stamina, Death Knights have Runic Power. When rune abilities are used, runic power is generated. Certain abilities and spells consume this resource.
  • You can skip Azeroth completely and go straight to Outland after leaving the starter zone at 58.


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