Crypt of Remembrance

Death Knight Leveling Guide (56-57)


1) Ride to Noth the Plaguebringer at [H] and accept "The Plaguebringer's Request".

2) Turn in "The Crypt of Remembrance" to Prince Keleseth [I] and accept "Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide". Also accept Baron Rivendare's quest "Lambs To The Slaughter".

3) Steal the Iron Chains at the Forge [J]. On the way there, kill Scarlets and collect Crusader Skulls to complete "Lambs To The Slaughter".

4) Steal the Empty Cauldron downstairs at the Inn [K] to complete "The Plaguebringer's Request".

5) Kill Mayor Quimby and steal the New Avalon Registry at the Town Hall [L] to complete "Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide".

6) Ride back to Crypt of Remembrance [I] and turn in quests. Accept "How to Win Friends And Influence Enemies".

7) Go to Noth the Plaguebringer [H] and turn in quest. Accept "Noth's Special Brew". Use the Plage Cauldron nearby to complete the quest. If you looted 20 extra skulls, turn them in to complete "More Skulls For Brew". The reward is 5 extra Noth's Special Brew, but zero XP.

8) Open the Ornately Jeweled Box in your inventory and equip the 2 Keleseth's Persuader. Kill Scarlets in New Avalon [K] to the south until one of them talks.

9) Turn in the quest to Prince Keleseth [I] and accept "Behind Scarlet Lines".


Map of Death Knight Starting Zone

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